Wedding tickers

TimeLeft countdown ticker is an excelent way to count down how many days, weeks, months is left till your wedding. TimeLeft countdown ticker is a little floating window on your desktop that displays how soon you will be getting married, making this glad event so much closer.

Just enter your due date and TimeLeft countdown ticker will calculate for you how many days, months, weeks, working days, hours, minutes and seconds is left till your wedding event.

To create your Wedding Tickers just double-click on the countdown ticker panel and enter your due date in the Countdown till field, save changes and enjoy your Wedding Tickers on your desktop!

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More about TimeLeft

TimeLeft is a versatile desktop utility that may be used as a countdown, reminder, clock, alarm clock, tray clock, stopwatch, timer, sticker, auction watch, work days/hours countdown clock and time synchronization utility.

TimeLeft uses Winamp skins to show digits and text.

The main feature of TimeLeft is a powerful customizable reminder - it can show a message, play music (any formats including mp3) or open a link, document, execute an application, turn off your monitor or shutdown your PC.

Main features

Wedding tickers is a little window that sits on your desktop without taking any extra working space and shows you how much time is left till some event.

You can make your Wedding tickers semitransparent, always on top of all other windows.

You can change Wedding tickers layout. For example, you can setup your Wedding tickers to display minutes and seconds or weeks - any combination is possible.

When event is reached, Wedding tickers skin can be changed randomly.

You can place your Wedding tickers to a web-page.

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TimeLeft can be easily set up to count down to your favorite hockey or football game or anything else

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