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TimeLeft Deluxe software provides beautiful multiple clocks for your Windows. TimeLeft clocks can be placed in any spot of your desktop separately, or they can be grouped and dragged together as they automatically stick to each other. TimeLeft Windows clocks have tons of features: each clock can have personal skin or font and color, caption, size, date and time format and more. Clocks can be transparent or you can setup to have transparent clock background only. Any of TimeLeft clocks can replace Windows system tray clock
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More about TimeLeft

TimeLeft is a versatile desktop utility that may be used as a countdown, reminder, clock, alarm clock, tray clock, stopwatch, timer, sticker, auction watch, work days/hours countdown clock and time synchronization utility.

TimeLeft uses Winamp skins to show digits and text.

The main feature of TimeLeft is a powerful customizable reminder - it can show a message, play music (any formats including mp3) or open a link, document, execute an application, turn off your monitor or shutdown your PC.

Main features

TimeLeft Deluxe multiple clocks propose you unique functions that are not implemented in any other clock software - TimeLeft clocks are little floating windows that can be customized personally and they can be grouped easily as they stick to each other automatically. When grouped, clocks can be dragged together. You can create any amount of groups, there are no limitations.

You can choose any of your clock to replace the standard Windows tray-clock. This preserves all standard functions of the system tray clock and adds all TimeLeft clock functions. And, of course, this changes your system tray clock look completely.

If you who prefer to have your Windows taskbar hidden, you still can see your system time by displaying a floating clock on your desktop.

You can resize your clocks up to the screen size (full screen). This way TimeLeft clock can be used for presentations as a big screen clock.

You can setup your clocks to display time in any available time zone - it can be your system time zone or any other.

You can choose to display time in 12-hours American AM/PM format or in 24-hour European (or military time) format.

You can change clock layout. For example, you can setup your clock to display date and time or date only - any combination is possible.

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